“This effort is part of our desire to encourage young people to take pride in our town.” “By doing this we are wanting to build respect for the area and bring together all sections of the community to increase harmony and a sense of belonging.” “There is only one world for us to inhabit and we all have a responsibility to make it as clean and non-polluted as we can.” Mr Haq also added: “We always do our best to live up to our motto of ‘Love for all , Hatred for none’. We see cleansing the environment as an act of love for the world”. This isn’t the first time the group has helped the local community in recent days, as just last week, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association also organised a Christmas Day celebration for the town’s homeless people, serving up a delicious festive meal and handing out vital supplies such as food and clothing. In previous years, members of the group have also given lifts to care home residents so that they could enjoy a special Christmas lunch together, taken toys and chocolate to children and nursing staff in hospitals, and even visited hospices and care homes over the festive period to bring flowers, fruit and cards.

In 2019 Young Muslims also donated 150kg of food to local food banks while over 100 additional food packets were distributed to homeless people in Huddersfield and in Sheffield.