Dundee Eid Dinner

26 August 2014

The people of Dundee joined AMA Dundee to Celebrate Eid, by having a special dinner to mark the end of Ramadan. The event served as an occasion to introduce the people of Dundee to AMA and to promote a better understanding of Islam and its peaceful message. Notable dignitaries included Hon Joe Fitz Patrick MSP, Lord Provost Hon Bob Duncan, Inspector Mark Duncan of Police Scotland Safer Communities, Secretary of Dundee Interfaith  Dr Julie Wardrop and Dundee Councillors.

Dundee Eid Dinner

Through various voluntary activities, AMYA donated £500, to the Help For Kids Charity at the dinner. AnneMarie Smith, fundraising manager, said with regards to AMYA: “they are amazing youth”, who have been assisting the charity in the last two years, but “was never expecting to receive such a fabulous amount for the charity”. The President of the AMA Dundee, Mr Muhammad Ahmad, said “We are inviting our friends and neighbours – in fact all the people in Dundee – in the spirit of brotherhood. Fostering a cohesive society is at the core of the Islamic belief, and reaching out to others in the spirit of fraternity is what this Eid Dinner aims to achieve”.

Dundee Eid Dinner 2

Dignitaries at the event were invited to say few words and among them were the Lord Provost, Hon Bob Duncan, who praised the Ahmadi Muslims for organising such an interesting program where a large number of guests from all walks of life came together to celebrate Eid. The Dundee West MSP Mr Joe FitzPatrick congratulated the community for a very successful program.