Trafford Muslims march on bridge in show of solidarity for victims of “barbaric” Westminster attack

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YOUNG Muslims gathered on a bridge connecting Salford and Trafford in a show of solidarity for the victims of the “barbaric” attack in Westminster last week.

The north west chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) joined hands as they marched walked over the Lowry Avenue Bridge, in Salford Quays, exactly a week after the terror attack on London.

Three members of the public died and many more were injured after Khalid Masood sped along the Westminster bridge before storming the parliamentary estate and stabbing to death a police officer on Wednesday March 22.

More than 60 members of the AMYA, the majority from the Trafford area, held banners carrying the slogans: ‘Love for all, Hatred for none’ and ‘Muslims for humanity’.

The youngsters took the opportunity to stop to talk with the general public to address any thoughts and concerns about Islam.

Mansoor Khan, regional youth leader of the AMYA, said: ”By turning out in such large numbers, we Ahmadi Muslim demonstrated our desire to spread the true, peaceful teachings of Islam and the commitment of British Muslims to peace and harmony.

”The Holy Prophet of Islam, peace and blessing of God be on him, called on Muslims to be loyal to their nations and to always treat all people, of all backgrounds, with equal love and humanity

”In inclement weather, our youth stood firm in remembrance of those affected by the barbaric attack at Westminster. We actively engaged the attendees in an attempt to foster greater unity through open and honest dialogue. Our aim was simple, to portray the true peaceful teachings of Islam and denounce the corrupt version promoted by hate preachers.”

The event was supported by the Faith Network for Manchester.

Rabbi Warren Elf, from Faith Network for Manchester, said: “The passion and support shown by AMYA volunteers is commendable. We are grateful to the AMYA for coming out in large numbers and helping to make this event a success.”

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atharTrafford Muslims march on bridge in show of solidarity for victims of “barbaric” Westminster attack