Manchester bombing prayer vigil announced at Noor Mosque Noor Mosque

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Noor Mosque, in Langley Drive, Crawley, is hosting a prayer vigil for the Manchester bombing victims this Saturday morning. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads A statement from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Crawley said: “Following Monday’s tragic events in Manchester where 22 innocent lives have been taken and around 60 seriously injured, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Crawley offer our heartfelt condolences to all the bereaved and those affected by this mindless, evil attack. “Our prayers for those who died and for the injured. No person of any value of human dignity could carry out this heinous act which is in its nature evil.” Ahsan Ahmedi, the Regional President of the AMA said: “Like all other faiths, Islam’s teachings as taught by the Holy Quran and exemplified by it’s founder, Prophet Muhamed, (may peace be upon him), is to “love each other and promote harmony. “If such actions are taken by individuals or groups with perverse ideologies, then the Quran teaches us that all believers should unite and stand against such people in whatever way possible.

“We hope and pray that those involved in this act be brought to justice and be dealt with with the harshest punishments.” Najeeb Rahman, President at the Noor Mosque in Langley Green said: “In memory of those who died the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Crawley will hold a prayer vigil for peace and the bereaved on Saturday morning at Noor Mosque where young children from the Ahmadiyya Muslim community who were holding a charity walk for peace and raising funds for schools for African children will offer a prayer vigil also. “We will pray for those families who have had their loved ones taken away by the tragic and horrific events in Manchester.” Ahsan Ahmedi, who will lead the vigil, added: “Its important we continue our good works and engaging our youth in doing positive works in their communities and for their country. Anyone wishing to attend the vigil should come to Noor Mosque at 11.45 on Saturday 27th May.”

atharManchester bombing prayer vigil announced at Noor Mosque Noor Mosque