Giving blood to save precious lives

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YOUNG Muslims from Oldham are on a mission to donate blood as part of a nationwide drive to save lives.

Members of Oldham’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) turned out to give blood at Manchester Norfolk House Blood Donor Centre in the city centre.

Their efforts form part of a campaign by Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK, which has encouraged its 5,000 members to raise 500 units of blood throughout July.

Youth Leader Laiq Khan said: “Islam teaches us that to take one life is akin to killing all mankind and to save one life is like saving all of humanity.

“We hope that by donating blood we will not only be serving our country but helping to save all humanity and we will be continuously donating blood to save precious lives.

“Over the next few days more of our young members have been booked in to donate blood. Our aim is to help our local communities in the best possible way.

atharGiving blood to save precious lives